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Five Y2K fashion trends making a comeback

Amid the ever-changing rules and fads of culture, one thing remains consistent: Fashion. Sure, style is eternal, but trends come and go like a cycle, with our present wardrobes bearing influences from the past. The so-called 20-year-rule applies especially now with the fads of year 2000, or Y2K fashion, making their big comeback. So, if you want to join the fun without looking too archaic, here are five Y2k trends that have been updated for the year 2020.

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Unconventional wedding program feature

Who says you can’t cut the cake and have the first dance before the ceremony? Or that the couple can’t see each other before the wedding? With the extension of ECQ and implementation of a strict 6PM curfew, Brands and Grass chose to go against traditional wedding norms for their tropical wedding. First, the bride and groom prepped together in one venue and had the sweetest first look! Following this, they had the reception program, which included the first dance, speeches, cutting the cake, toas

New York themed wedding feature

Cris and Criena met in New York City, with the former being a screenwriter and the latter an actress. Thus, when they were planning their wedding, they decided to make their theme “A Filipino New York Love Story.” The wedding featured New York elements, but with tropical Filipino twists. For example, they used the iconic “LOVE” sculpture in New York as inspiration for their own sign, which said “IBIG.” And instead of a yellow taxi cab, they used a yellow tricycle! Even their invitations and welc

Intimate garden wedding feature

Jaymarc and Einjel’s wedding was a stunning mix of natural and magical! Forest green shades, foliage, and wood accents gave this garden wedding a rustic feel. On the other hand, details like sparklers and fairy lights helped bring the ethereal look together. What made this wedding the most magical though, was the story behind it! Jaymarc and Einjel’s wedding was actually cancelled multiple times due to the pandemic. Although there were many difficulties and obstacles as they organized their wedd

Ways you can include your dogs in your wedding festivities

For many, dogs are considered family, and we totally get why! Dogs are the most loyal, loving companions out there. You can always count on them to be there for you through the ups and downs. It’s no wonder why so many dog lovers choose to include their furbabies in their wedding in some way or another! Are you thinking about having your dog—or dogs—be a part of your wedding? Maybe you and your partner have a pup together, or maybe your dog is a family pet who has been by your side through it al

Eco-friendly beach wedding feature

Stuck having to choose between a church wedding and a beach wedding? Well, it’s possible to do both! Louie and Meg were wed in a church, then had their reception at the beach just five minutes away. Their special day was filled with so many fun, thoughtful, and consistent details that made their wedding stand out. The warm orange tones Louie and Meg chose looked great with every backdrop—the blue ocean, the cream sand, and the green trees too. Even the church, which was a stunning crimson! The f

Breezy bridesmaid dress styles

It’s no secret that the outfits of your entourage can help bring out your wedding’s character, from the color to the fabric to the silhouette. It’s easy to get caught up in choosing dresses that suit your bridesmaids and complement your theme, but there’s another factor you might be forgetting: comfort! Especially if you’re having your wedding during the summer or holding it outdoors, it’s important to make sure your bridesmaids will be able to move around and stay cool in their dresses. Not sur
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